We have been accredited by IICT!

We became an accredited training provider. Our certificate is insurable and usable for starting your own business.

Multilingual Massage Courses: First time in Europe!

Enroll in the training courses of the International Massage Academy, and we give you such knowledge that is competitive all over the world.

12 years of professional experience, 5000 successful alumni, Job opportunities all over Europe.

Foot massage – Level 3

You will learn in this course:
-Basics of reflexology.
-The reflex zones of the feet.
-Increased knowledge for this kind of massage.
-Performing a professional foot massage.
-How to stimulate the different reflex zones.

Body Massage – Level 3

Would you like:
- Work with people?
- Have one of the best jobs in the world?
- Help other people?
- Work in a nice environment?
- Become a professional in your field?
- Have a good salary.

Massage therapist-Eng

Are you already to become a massage therapist?
Being a massage therapist is not only a job- it is also a profession!
Are you excited about this job and would like to continue in this profession?
Every day you get nice smiles and grateful comments from your clients.

Wellness massage – Level 3

The nice, extra bonus of this course is that you will also have a chance to experience our 4 kinds of massages:
-Mud treatments
-Chocolate massage
-Honey massages
-Hot stone massage

Anti-cellulite massage – Level 3

Anti-cellulite massage is one of the most intensive massage types.
During the course we learn to treat the thighs,bottom,stomach,and upper arms.
We treat these body parts with special massage techniques and products ,which create better blood circulation.

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